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National Initiative
on Mathematics Education


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Films on Mathematics Education in India

These films are made as part of a video documentation project on mathematics in India by Chandita Mukherjee. It was part of the National Initiative on Mathematical Education, with the support of the National Board for Higher Mathematics, Government of India and produced by Comet Media Foundation (


1) Legacy of maths at work and play



    This brief film gives us an impressionistic account of how the past of mathematics lives in the present in India. It takes viewers through a tour of children's games, the work of various craftspersons, a boat yard, a medieval astronomical observatory, ritual drawings that reflect mathematical thinking and other locations where maths may be seen at work or at play.

    Video Type H.264 /AVC/ MPEG-4 AAC audio, Length 4m 38sec, 636 x 360 pixels, 16.3 MB
    Source Own Work

    Comet Media Foundation

2) Diverse learners multiple terrains

    Description This brief film takes us rapidly through the landscape of vast cultural and economic diversity of students and schools in India. While India's strong mathematical traditions are expected to produce excellence, large numbers remains out of school. within schools, the magnitude in numbers of students and teachers defies the imagination. These contradictions pose a challenge to the national goal of universalising education and particularly to transforming maths education.
    Video Type H.264 / AVC/ MPEG-4 AAC audio, Length 4m 30sec, 636 x 360 pixels, 15.0 MB
    Source Own Work
    Author Comet Media Foundation

3) Initiatives to transform maths learning

    Description This brief film gives us a glimpse of the future possibilities arising on the landscape of mathematics education in India. All over the country, we see ongoing initiatives to make maths relevant to children. The new curricula try to relate maths to their lives and move away from age old conventions of rote learning through  algorithms. Such developments have led to a new surge of interest among school students and teachers.
    Video Type H.264 / AVC/ MPEG-4 AAC audio, Length 4m 33s, 636 x 360 pixels, 19.8 MB
    Source Own Work
    Author Comet Media Foundation